Q1. What is the different between travel and transfer?

Travel means the driver and transport will be attended to your itinerary and journey program. As long as a clear direction on where and when to meet or pick up is given to the driver. Thus, travel usually charged by daily rate and types of vehicles.

A program example as below:

Day 1
8:00am - Pick up at Tampines Home and leaving Singapore
10:30am - Drop by Yong Peng for short break
12:30pm - Reach Malacca for Chicken Rice Ball
2:00pm - Visit 3D museum
3:30pm - High Tea at Melaka Raya, Rojak and Cendol
5:00pm - Visit Jonker Street
7:00pm - Dinner at Satay Celup store
8:30pm - Shopping at Mahkota Parade
10:30pm - Check in Hotel

Day 2
8:00am - Pick up at the Hotel and go to Tampin for famous local dishes
9:30am - Heading to Melaka Down Town, visit A'Famosa, Museum and Red House
12:30pm - Pick up at A'Famosa Tower and heading to lunch at Nyonya Restaurant
2:00pm - Heading to San Shu Gong to buy souvenir and tidbits
3:30pm - Pick up at San Shu Gong and Back to Singapore
6:00pm - Dinner at Gelang Patah
7:30pm - Back to Singapore Home

Transfer - means point to point. Pick up at one location and drop off at one location. Along the journey, a light meal and toilet break is appropriate. Thus, transfer usually charged by how far is the journey and types of vehicles.

An example as below: Singapore to KL one way transfer

11:00am - Pick up at Bedok Reservoir HDB Block no XXX and heading to Kuala Lumpur, Putra Jaya. Estimate reaching time at around 3-4pm with light traffic conditions.
Note: Meal and toilet break is allowed at Yong Peng or Melacca Rest Area but additional charges will applied if need to stop by Malacca to shop for 2 hours for example


Q2. Do I need to alight at both Singapore and Malaysia's customs during customs clearance procedures?

For MPV, Don't need, you just sit along with the journey

For Minibus or Van which is 10 Seaters and above, Yes, you should alight for the clearance procedures. The driver will be waiting at the checkpoint exit and kindly remember the vehicle plate number to avoid boarding the wrong vehicle.

For more detail about Singapore Customs Clearance Procedure. Please click here


Q3. What are the charges includes?

The quoted price includes.

a. Tolls and ERP charges
b. Petrol
c. Vehicle Insurance
d. Driver's meals
e. Vehicle parking fees
f. Driver's accommodation (for daily travel only)

Thus, it is important to provide as details as you could on your program or itinerary so that the driver can plan the journey in advance and could have a peace in mind while driving.

Important Note: MST Transport ensures all the vehicles and drivers have valid license to travel on the road. Types of vehicles and number of passengers which it could carry will be mentioned clearly on the official quotation. 


Q4. Can I change the itinerary during the trip due to unforeseen circumstances?

Yes, especially for travel trip. We understand the plan for the trip would be changed due to many reasons. However, we do seek for your best understanding as all these changes shall make known to the driver ASAP. The driver shall get enough rest along the journey, he shall dismiss the day by 10pm to ensure a safe driving journey.

As for point to point transfer trip, the changes are subjected to distance and schedule availability. The details shall be communicated and agreed upon before even you pay the booking fees.

Make sure all details are listed clearly in the official quotation by MST Transport.


Q5. How do I know if I have successfully book a transporter and vehicle?

Step 1: Upon the un-official queries and quotation generation process. All details shall be communicated clearly which includes dates, timing, number of passengers, destination and detail activities or requests.

Step 2: An official quotation (example) will be sent to the customer. 20% out of the total fees shall be paid to book and reserve the driver and vehicles. This booking fee is not refundable. 

Step 3: Once the booking fees is received. A confirmation note will be sent to the customer stated that the vehicle and driver is reserved for the journey. This will be communicated via a WhatsApp group or any electronic means of medias. A computer generated receipt will be issued as a proof that the driver and vehicle is successfully booked.

Step 4: Driver and customer will be link up via WhatsApp or WeChat or even Line for ease of communication.

Step 5: A reminder will be sent to both parties few hours or 1 day before the journey. Customer shall pay the remaining 80% of the fees to the driver during the journey.


Q6. What is the payment mode?

About 20% of the Total is for Booking and Reservation fees via PayPal, Cheuque issue or Bank transfer to:

ACC NO: 257-900201-6
DBS Bank Code: 7171
DBS Branch Code: 257
DBS Bank Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

Important Note: Kindly inform us once you have done the payment to ensure the booking is successfully gone through and a transporter is assigned.

80% of the total shall be paid as cash during the journey. The detail shall be agreed upon before even the reservation.



Q7. What do I need to do after the booking fees is placed?

i. Our operator will be working out each details such as number of pax, luggage size, pick up location address, timing and contact person with contact number mainly via Whatsapp. All details will be sent and verified by you before we send it to our driver host for booking finalization.  A whatsapp group will be linked up and details of the driver and vehicles will be provided in the chat group.

ii. Please ensure you have valid documents to travel to Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand. For Visa and travel documents, kindly refer to the website information as below

   To Enter/Visit Malaysia 

   To Enter/Visit Singapore 

   To Enter/Visit Thailand 

iii. Lastly, please prepare the namelist with passport number of the group for each individual that will be travel abroad using our transportation service. It is required to be displayed to the authority (such as JPJ or SPAD) if being stopped by any operation and verification on the road in Malaysia. The name list document can be download from here, it must be computer typed and printed out on a A4 paper to be bring along and submit it to the driver upon your boarding. For more information on travel to Malaysia, kindly refer to Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia www.motour.gov.my or tourism guidelines  by MIDA - Malaysian Investment Development Authority http://www.mida.gov.my


Q7. I have no idea what are the place to visit and eat in Malaysia, but I wish to spend my holidays with my family and loves one in Malaysia, can you help us on the itinerary and can the driver bring us around?

Yes, our drivers are well trained in hosting our guests around in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Write to us or chat with us on Whatsapp, we have all ready made itineraries for Johor, Malacca, KL, Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Penang and even Hatyai free and easy tour reference for you with no additional charges. Our aim is to help you optimize every single minutes and money you spend on the holidays with your loves one.


Q8. Do you sell holiday packages such as Hotel accommodations, meals and tickets rather than the transporation services?

Our ultimate objectives is to ensure our guests enjoy the most out of their journey. By having the package sold, it limits our driver or tour guide to explore new attractions and eateries as well as the timing would not be flexible to accommodate all the planned itineraries and booked restaurant. We prefer the guests eat when you want, order what they see and enjoy what they really like, not in sold package. Its your holiday, enjoy and just relax the journey. Thus, we don't sell the package that give us the free will to recommend the best food and attractions or local delights to buy rather than influenced by the commission that the driver we could earn. 


Having more questions? Yes, Please drop us a line via WhatsApp +65-9188 6848 or write a private message to us online