How to Book?

Step 1: Upon the un-official queries and quotation generation process. All details shall be communicated clearly which includes dates, timing, number of passengers, destination and detail activities or requests.

Step 2: An official quotation (example) will be sent to the customer. Around 20% to 50% (depending type of vehicle and service) out of the total fees shall be paid to book and reserve the driver and vehicles. This booking fee is not refundable.

Step 3: Once the booking fees is received. A confirmation note will be sent to the customer stated that the vehicle and driver is reserved for the journey. This will be communicated via a WhatsApp group or any electronic means of medias. A computer generated receipt will be issued as a proof that the driver and vehicle is successfully booked.

Step 4: Our booker will be communicate with you closely to tie the loose ends and ensure all details are well recorded and agreed. Customer shall pay the remaining 80% or 50% of the balance transportation fees to New MST Transport Holiday before the trip base on the contract.

Step 5: Driver and Vehicle’s details will be sent to you 1 day before the trip.