What is the different between Chartering throughout and transfer?

Chartering throughout means the driver and transport will be attended to your itinerary and journey program.

As long as a clear direction on where and when to meet or pick up is given to the driver. Thus, travel usually charged by daily rate (chartering for free and easy) and types of vehicles.

A Chartering throughout program example as below:

Day 1

9:00am – Pick up at Johor Bahru immigration customs

10:30am – Drop by Yong Peng for short break 12:30pm – Reach Malacca for Chicken Rice Ball

2:00pm – Visit 3D museum

3:30pm – High Tea at Melaka Raya, Rojak and Chendol

5:00pm – Visit Jonker Street 7:00pm – Dinner at Satay Celup store

8:30pm – Shopping at Mahkota Parade

10:30pm – Check in Hotel

Day 2

8:30am – Pick up at the Hotel and go for local Dim Sum for breakfast

10:00am – Heading to Melaka Down Town, visit A’Famosa, Museum and Red House

12:30pm – Pick up at A’Famosa Tower and heading to lunch at Nyonya Restaurant

2:00pm – Heading to San Shu Gong to buy souvenir and tidbits

3:00pm – Pick up at San Shu Gong and Back to Singapore

3:30pm – Enjoy local famous Coconut Milk Shake

4:30pm – Coffee Break at Yong Peng

6:30pm – Seafood dinner at Gelang Patah

7:30pm – Back to Singapore Home Transfer


Pick up at one location and drop off at one location, so called point to point transfer

Along the journey, a light meal and toilet break is appropriate. Thus, transfer usually charged by how far is the journey and types of vehicles.

A Point to Point Transfer example as below:

Johor Bahru Senai Airport to Kuala Lumpur one way transfer

11:00am – Pick up at Johor Bharu Senai Airport and heading to Kuala Lumpur, Putra Jaya.

Estimate reaching time at around 3-4pm with light traffic conditions.

Note: Meal and toilet break is allowed at Yong Peng or Melacca Rest Area but additional charges will applied if need to stop by Malacca to shop for more than 1 hour for example